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    NMDIS¡¯s Mission

     NMDIS's Mission

       National Marine Data and Information Service (NMDIS) is a government funded public institution under the State Oceanic Administration (SOA) of China, responsible for the management of national marine data and information resources, providing guidance and coordination for the informationization work of national marine data and information; providing information and technical support for the development of marine economy, marine management, public service and maritime security.

    (1) To draft the national marine data and information development plan, managerial system, standards and norms, carry out studies on national marine policies, laws & regulations and maritime strategies£»

    (2) To be responsible for marine data collection, management, processing and service, and undertake operation and management of the marine environmental and geographical information service platform and the China Argo Data Center;

    (3) To undertake building and management of the China Marine Archives and Library, provide marine archive and literature NMDIS¡¯s Mission services£¬and give professional guidance to the national marine archives work;

    (4) To take charge of building and operating the national marine economic monitoring and assessment system, undertake statistics and accounting of national marine economy and social development , and to draw up the China Marine Cause Development Bulletin and the China Marine Economic Statistics Bulletin;

    (5) To undertake the operational information support for marine administration and sea law-enforcement, take on operation and management of the sea island monitoring and inspecting system, and carry out the research and compilation work on marine planning and marine functional zoning£»

    (6) To undertake the operational tide and tidal current prediction, to forecast and evaluate the sea level change, to make and release the marine environment re-analysis products and to draft China Sea Level Bulletin;

    (7) To develop and operate the ¡°China Digital Ocean¡± system; to provide technical support for the marine information network planning and construction;

    (8) To undertake the building the marine environment information support system; develop special marine information products, and maintain the information network; undertake planning and establishing of the marine information safety system;

    (9) To be responsible for the international marine data and information exchange; undertake the relative international responsibility about marine information and the International Ocean Institute-China Regional Center for the Western Pacific Region;

    (10) To undertake other tasks given by the State Ocean Administration.

       At the same time NMDIS hosts the following organizations: State Ocean Administration Marine Scientific and Technical Information Institute, China Marine Archives, China National Oceanographic Data Center, the WESTPAC Regional Center of International Ocean Institute (IOI), WDC-D, Oceanography, State Ocean Administration Marine Planning Research Center.

    Address£ºNo.93 Liuwei Road, Hedong District, Tianjin, P.R. China  
    Postal Code: 300171   E-mail£ºweber@mail.nmdis.gov.cn
    Tianjin ICP:05001020 
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